Deathstroke Volume 1: Gods of War

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I picked up Deathstroke Volume 1: Gods of War on a whim about a month ago when I needed something to round out an Amazon order (free shipping is important).

I finally got around to reading it last week and have spent some time between all my other pet projects and hobbies to reflect on what I read and am ready to share those thoughts (warning some small spoilers follow).

First and foremost, the book was very enjoyable.  I’ve always loved the Deathstroke character (you should have seen my reaction to his arrival in Batman: Arkham Knight) and always look forward to getting my hands on any comic he figures prominently in.

This book was not without its problems but it was very entertaining and did something interesting things with the character.  The plot largely deals with Deathstroke being hired to take down a number of targets only to find that the contract was a setup.  What follows is an amazing action packed sequence and when the smoke settles Deathstroke finds himself renewed in a way that even his healing factor can not explain.

The issues that follow this restoration deal with stolen memories, mind control, back-stabbing and conspiracy.  New characters are introduced throughout the book as well as some long standing DC villains (Bronze Tiger, Lady Shiva, the League of Assassins) and are woven into what amounts to a solid, entertaining plot.

I was very pleased to see Deathstroke’s children return in the story.  I particularly was fond of his daughter, Rose Wilson aka Ravager, and would love to see more of her in the future.

And it goes without saying that I was obviously stoked when Batman showed up in the middle of the book for an intense battle with Deathstroke.

I loved the artwork almost across the board.  I did have a few issues with the art, namely the way Harley Quinn was drawn.  Tony S. Daniel’s character designs were perfect up to that point but for some reason Harley looks like a teenager.

My only other gripe with the whole book is that there are times when the action feels like it has been edited down, almost as if there are panels of action missing in the midst of the scene.  This also causes the ending of the book to feel really rushed, covering a lot of ground in the span of two or three pages.

That said I still really enjoyed the book and would definitely recommend it to any who enjoy action heavy books.  The book is very violent though so if you happen to be squeamish about such things should stay away.  For the rest of us though, it is definitely worth checking out.

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