Finally Got Around to Watching the First Episode of Daredevil…

…and I am disappointed.

Disappointed in myself for taking so long to watch it.

I know it is only one episode and a lot could go south from here but I really like how they have handled things in the premiere.

The fights have been well put together, Murdock’s ability to fight blind using his hearing to has been well showcased (especially the scene in the rain) and they’ve done well in establishing the relationships between characters and Murdock’s back-story without going full-on origin mode.  What I loved most though was how in the closing moments of the episode they really cemented the sort of evil of the show’s yet unseen antagonist (Kingpin) and his organization.

I had already taken the bait during the entirety of the episode but the last three to five minutes of the episode took that hook and dug it in deep.

I can’t wait to see where the show goes from here and hope that I continue to be disappointed in myself and not the show as it goes on.


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