Harley Quinn Volume 1: Hot in the City (New 52)

Full disclosure, Harley Quinn has long been one of my favorite comic book characters.  As such this book has been on my radar for a very long while.


I finally had a moment to read it and it did not disappoint.

I was hooked by the end of the first issue, wherein Ms. Quinn is speculating on what it would be like to have her own comic book and we are treated to a rapid fire presentation of different artists drawing said book.  The contrasting and amazing art styles mixed with solid writing made for a great introduction.


Once an artist is settled on (Chad Hardin) the story becomes about Harley inheriting a building and finding real work to afford the taxes and old debt that comes with it.  This leads to a heavily disguised Quinn returning to being a therapist by day and her working nights as a roller derby girl.  Oh and someone has put a bounty on her head bringing out all kinds of hitmen.  She is joined by Poison Ivy, an geriatric cyborg named Sy Borgman and the tenants of the building she now owns.

The book reminds me a lot of a Deadpool book, although it is marginally less violent.  I laughed aloud many times in the book and thoroughly enjoyed the book cover to cover.

I know I’m partial but I can’t recommend this book enough.


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