When Will It End: A Small Rant About Pre-order “Bonus” Content

Fellow gamers, when will it end?

For a good while now, game developers have been baiting their hooks with “exclusive” content, often times in collusion with various stores, to entice gamers to shell out their (or their parents’ in the case of the youthful gamer) hard-earned cash ahead of release date.

Very recently the folks behind Arkham Knight conspired with a litany of stores to carve up their bonus content, offering this piece if you pre-ordered here and that piece if you did so over there.  Making it impossible to get, say the Red Hood DLC, if you pre-ordered from the wrong place or shame of shames waited to pick up the game after it already hit store shelves.

Don’t worry though, rumor has it that it will all be available at a later date for a price…proving once again that when money is on the line developers “forget” what “exclusive” means and thereby negates the need for rushing to pre-order things for the bonuses.

Also, before I go farther, if the underwhelming Harley Quinn DLC was any hint as to the overall quality of these pre-order “bonuses” I think we aren’t missing anything by not having them in the first place.

As frustrating as the Arkham Knight debacle was today I get on my computer, fire up my Twitter account (@PolyNerdic in case you haven’t followed yet.  Nudge, nudge, wink, wink) and see a link to this video.

Okay, the trailer was amusing in a cutesy wink at the camera nod to one of my all time favorite movies.

But seriously, The Terminator. In a WWE game?

Small confession, I’ve always enjoyed the WWE games, going way back to the brilliant games from the N64 era.  Even when I am not following the product on TV I still will take a look at the games as a diversion from more cerebral RPGs or endless FPS and zombie games.

I get when the pre-order content is a legendary performer like The Rock, Sting, Ultimate Warrior (although these almost always become available for download later for like a $1) but the friggin Terminator

Sure maybe there is some novelty value in throwing Seth Rollins around the ring as an unstoppable killing…er wrestling(?) machine from the future or seeing Brock Lesnar F-5 it…but seriously how far does that go?

I know I for one have absolutely no desire for this “bonus”.

Of course, back in the day, I was unhappy when this happened too:

Now that I think about it, at least tossing Fred Durst around did have some sort of comedic value to it.

And unlocking him was free.


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