Please Let (Some of) These Be True

A quick look at some rumblings and rumors from around the web, all with a psychotic clown theme.

The Killing Joke animated movie may have found it’s Joker…and it is exactly who most of us are hoping for.  According to a variety of sites, Mark Hamill is once again slipping into the Clown Prince of Crime’s purple suit.  Hamill has voiced the character so many times and so expertly that I for one have a hard time accepting any other actor in the role, especially in an animated or video game context.

The Killing Joke is already one of my all time favorite Batman stories and one I’ve long hoped to see made into a movie.  The addition of Mark Hamill will make it a day one purchase for me.

Rumors abound about the identity of The Joker in the upcoming Suicide Squad film as well.  Some going so far as to whip up a very interesting theory about Leto’s Joker being a diabolical Jason Todd seeking vengeance.  While the theory is certainly intriguing and has been backed up with well thought out evidence I don’t think I’m buying it.

My hope is that the rumors about Jason Todd being the villain for the first solo Batman film being helmed by Ben Affleck.  Of course all this is idle speculation, created by the brief glimpse of the defaced Robin costume and the “You Let Your Family Die” note shown scribbled across a newspaper clipping.  I would be happy with either approach but the fanboy in my would much rather see a proper Red Hood clash with Bat-fleck than the Juggalo-ish Joker being one of my favorite villains/allies from the Batman books.

And in one more bit of Joker related news.

Newly leaked photos from Margot Robbie’s stunt double Ingrid Kleinig’s Instagram account revealed a set that may or may not hint at an iconic origin story.


Could we see Joker’s iconic fall into the vat of toxic goop that created the monster we all know and love?

I certainly hope so.


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