Even More Movie Morsels and Tasty Rumors (Possibly Chimichanga Flavored)

So what has two thumbs and is excited that Deadpool will have a “hard R” rating?

This guy right here.


No, not Deadpool, what I mean is that I am beyond excited by the confirmation (and image above revealing how on point the costume is).

Anyone familiar with the character should have already been aware that the movie needed the R rating to stay true to form.  Deadpool books at their best (or worst depending on your viewpoint) are violent, immature, crass and often hilarious.  Some may argue that an PG-13 rating might have worked but I’ve always felt the R was necessary for there to be any chance of forgetting about how awful it was the last time we saw Reynolds playing that horrid version of the character in the Wolverine film a few years back. This time it looks like they’re treating the character right and that almost makes me happy enough to dance awkwardly around the room (I said almost).

Entertainment Weekly also gave us our first look at DC’s “Holy Trinity” with a cover story about the anxiously anticipated Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. We’ve all seen Henry Cavill dressed up as Superman before, both in Man of Steel and in various promotional bits.  Ben Affleck has also popped up a fair bit in images as well as in the teaser that dropped, more on both of them in a moment. This is the first real good look, in my opinion, at how Wonder Woman will look.  I know an image came out a few months back but due to the coloring of the image it appeared as if she was wearing a brown leather getup similar to Xena.  In this image we see there is in fact hints of red, blue and yellow to the getup.  I am doing my best to hold judgement on Ms. Gadot’s performance until I see it but if I’m being 100% honest I still don’t see her as a good fit for the role.  She just lacks the “presence”, again in my opinion, to be the character.

But I’ve been wrong before, obviously Ledger killed it as the Joker.

As for Cavill I’m hoping he gets more spoken lines in this one.  I happened to enjoy Man of Steel, especially in comparison to the Brandon Routh Superman of a few years back, but I felt that Cavill wasn’t the strongest part of the movie.  He was overshadowed by the performances of many of the supporting cast but especially by Zod. Many people I know cringe to this day when Batman and Ben Affleck are mentioned in the same sentence.  I’ve always felt that Affleck CAN be good given the right role and isn’t the super crappy actor some think he is.  At the very least he looks the most spot on of the three shown above, his lantern like jaw alone makes him one of the best looking Batmen in the cape and cowl but again the performance will need to be seen to be properly judged.

And finally something I meant to bring up a few days ago, the last time I wrote one of these pieces.  It seems that Tyrese Gibson has been lobbying for some time to become the next Green Lantern on film.  After posting a photoshopped image of himself as a Lantern (since taken down) with a caption about “the oath” Mr. Gibson set the rumor-mill running rampant.  The popular opinion is that Mr. Gibson has been given the role of John Stewart.

An interesting side wrinkle to this is that Chris Pine has also been linked to the Green Lantern franchise (as well as the rumors circulating that he might be playing Steve Trevor in the Wonder Woman film too).

Could we possibly be seeing a proper Green Lantern Corps film with multiple Earth Lanterns?

Handled right I for one would love that.

Although I have to admit, to me personally, the most disappointing part of the Ryan Reynolds Lantern film was not the film itself but that it set up a sequel (the whole Sinestro donning a yellow ring) that we’ll never see.

As always, thanks for reading.


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