Rumor Roundup and New Nerdy News

Rumors and new nerdy news abound. Especially when it comes to upcoming movies and films some people have been hoping for. Last night Ron Pearlman took to his Instagram posting an image from Hellboy 2 with the following text:

And then, poof…
One more Roman numeral after the name…
As if by magic………

The general consensus/hope is that this means a deal has finally been worked out to bring the long awaited (by some) sequel to life.  Pearlman and Guillermo Del Toro have wanted to make Hellboy 3 for years but as recently as last year it looked like it would never happen.  I for one loved the Hellboy films (admittedly never have read the comics) and would love a third film to cap off a trilogy.

Speaking of Del Toro, after being attached to the project since 2013, he is no longer developing Justice League Dark.  For those unfamiliar JL Dark is a team of heroes with “supernatural” powers, such as Constantine, Deadman and Zatanna. This is a movie I’ve been looking forward to for a long time and I felt it was certainly going to be a winner with Del Toro at the helm.  Del Toro has made several of my favorite films, not only the aforementioned Hellboy movies but the highly underrated Pacific Rim (a film I will one day get my friends and girlfriend to finally watch so I can discuss it with them). Rumor has it that Pacific Rim 2 might be the reason he is backing out of the much delayed JLD, as PR2 appears to be much closer to filming than JLD.  Regardless this is sad news for me, especially now that Constantine has been cancelled.  I was looking forward specifically to seeing Del Toro helm a film with Constantine and Zatanna, two of my favorite magical characters.

On to another project that long time readers know I’m excited for, Suicide Squad.  Rumors surfaced last week that Scott Eastwood could possibly be playing Slade Wilson (aka Deathstroke for the uninitiated).  If it’s true its exciting news because Deathstroke is always good stuff.

In new Spiderman news, it was announced the other day that the next Spiderman would have a John Hughes vibe to it.  I’ve read lots of negativity about this but I think it’s probably the best way to go.  So many people seem to forget that Peter Parker was a teenager when he was bitten, which boggles my mind.  Since they’ve cast a young man as Parker this time out and Hughes was the master of “teen” flicks in the 80s, that sort of vibe could be perfect for the film.

The title of Guardians of the Galaxy’s sequel was also announced.  Officially, the film will be called Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.  Not sure if I like that or not but given the first film’s quirky sensibilities I think it certainly fits.  Regardless I’m excited for it’s eventual release.

And finally as you may or may not know American Gods is being adapted for television.  Well the latest news is that the author of the brilliant novel (seriously check it out), Neil Gaiman, has signed on to write for the show.  Hopefully this book with get a Game of Thrones season 1 level of adaptation (and not a season 5 one).  Now if only Good Omens could be adapted.

Keep an eye out for more news to come and also don’t forget to check out the Youtube, Twitch and Facebook channels/pages for game-play and reviews.


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One Response to Rumor Roundup and New Nerdy News

  1. Fingers crossed there will be a Hellboy III. I really loved those movies and felt like they didn’t get enough love from the non-nerdy crowd.

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