Have You Played It?: Ducktales Remastered

Back in the dark ages of my early 90s era youth my maternal grandparents purchased a secondhand NES and a small collection of video games.  Amongst the mostly horrible games she picked up at a garage sale were two absolute gems, the first being the original Bionic Commando and the 2nd being Ducktales.

At that time Ducktales was one of my absolute favorite cartoons and I instantly fell in love with the game.  Throughout the decade that followed I played that little 8-bit cartridge to death, beating the game dozens upon dozens of times whenever I found myself there.  I loved taking Scrooge McDuck on a global journey collecting fantastical treasures.

Years have passed since I have played that original masterpiece so when I came across Ducktales Remastered for the Xbox 360 I had to pick it up and play it.

It did not disappoint.

With beautifully redrawn graphics, this game sheds the pixellated 8bit look for a lush hand drawn aesthetic.

The music is equally beautiful, consisting of updated versions of the tunes from the classic games, The Moon and Transylvania levels still being my favorites.

The game-play is crisp and feels every bit as good as its predecessor.  Jumping between platforms and pogo jumping off the heads of enemies still feels as good, if not better, than it ever did.

If you played and enjoyed the original you simply must get your hands on this version.

If you are too young to have played the NES version or simply missed out on it, I highly suggest you check this out as well.

It is a pitch perfect remake harkening back to the glory days of side scrolling platformers and absolutely should not be missed.

Five out of five buried treasures.


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