Where oh Where is My Suicide Squad Trailer

As you’ve no doubt noticed I’ve been away for a while.

During that time I’ve had little peaks here and there at the internet and admittedly a lot of them have been focused on trying to keep tabs on the progress of the various upcoming movies.

If you were with me when I started this months and months ago you no doubt remember that Suicide Squad was something I was excited yet anxious about.

Well in the months that have followed my fears have been largely stamped out.

Hell, I have even lightened up on my anti-Will Smith as Deadshot feelings.

Having seen the plethora of stills and read as many articles as I could find I’m back to being as excited as I was when the film was announced.

Now if only there were a trailer available so I could see if Margot Robbie sounds as good as Harley as she looks.

Of course there is that little matter of why they made The Joker look like a Juggalo but otherwise everything appears to be coming together nicely.

I for one can’t wait.


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2 Responses to Where oh Where is My Suicide Squad Trailer

  1. I reserve judgment on Suicide Squad until the full trailer (not a teaser) comes out. The photos are okay, but I really can’t get a sense of character or plot from them. I need to hear the characters speak and get a sense as to what in the hell the movie will be about before I know if this is a movie I really want to be invested in.


  2. S.Y. says:

    I’m definitely anxious for a full trailer. Initially I was filled with trepidation when the cast announcements started coming in but the more I see the more I generally like the look of what they’re doing (Joker aside). That said I can’t help but be excited by the mere potential of the film as Suicide Squad is one of my favorite comic books. Adding to this excitement are David Ayer’s posts about trying to stay close to canon and what I’ve seen of the art design. At this point it simply remains to be seen if they are going to disappoint me or not.


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