Recommended Reading: The Strain Trilogy

(Originally written March 20th, 2015)

Okay I admit it, I enjoy good (and some not so good) vampire fiction.  Not the sparkly, “I’m a hundred years old but in love with a high school girl” kind but more the Bram Stoker, tear your throat out kind.  I have been keeping an eye on Guierrmo Del Toro and Chuck Hogan’s The Strain trilogy for some time and recently spent a few enjoyable days devouring them as they became available to me.

I was not disappointed.

This trilogy was brilliant, from its genius take on the origins of vampires to its bleak tone to the vampires themselves, it all worked for me.

My one complaint would be that the first book takes a little while to get rolling, I found it a little slow for the first 150 or so pages.  Once it gets rolling though I could not put the book down and that momentum carried straight through the excellent 2nd and 3rd installments.

I don’t say this often but I wish I could go back and reread the series for the first time again, just so I could experience the ride all over again.

Check these out if:

  • You like your vampires to be more bloodthirsty than angst-ridden.
  • You enjoy a little science mixed in with your frights (like the cover says Michael Crichton meets Bram Stoker).
  • You want something enjoyable but not overly dense, once it gets going the series is hard to put down.


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