Been a Long Time, Huh?

I feel a sincere apology is needed for anyone who came around when I launched this blog a few months ago and were looking forward to my ramblings.

I haven’t posted in the last 2 1/2 months because they’ve been crazy.  This will be a little more personal that the format I started with here but I feel the need to express this.

There has been some major upheaval in my life and its kept me from doing the things I love dearly: playing video games, surfing the web, blogging, watching Youtube, binge watching Netflix….you know good old wholesome fun.

Late in the fall it became apparent that I was going to have to move on December 1st (long story short, my lease was up and extending for another year was out of the question).  I started a frantic search for a new place but struggled to find one that fit within my budget (having just bought a new car in October really put me in a bind about this).  This hunt ate up a lot of my time and all of my thinking (leading to no energy to even put out the smallest of posts).

Sadly I failed and when Thanksgiving rolled around I found myself moving roughly 40 miles North to stay with my father until I found a place (mind you this meant a long work commute as well).

My father has no need for the internet.

I needed every dime I could scrape together to move so I wasn’t going to turn the internet on there.  So for roughly three weeks I was far away from what I’ve grown to consider my home and was without the means to communicate in a manner I had grown accustomed to.

Now I am back “home” but as I had to take the first place that would take me (again it is a longer story than is worth spelling out) I cannot afford the internet.

This being one of the really rare times I’ve managed to “connect” I felt it was worth getting this out there.

Hang in there though, sooner or later the waters will calm and I will be back online in all my nerdy glory and telling you all about it.

God knows I miss it terribly.

Sorry guys and gals.

See you soon(er or later).


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