Suicide Squad Film Rumors

suicide squad

Over the last couple of days there has been a bit of buzz on various comic book and film sites about the rumored ‘Suicide Squad‘ film.

Apart from the rumors that the script is being penned by David Ayer (Fury, Training Day) most of the articles mention the seven members of the titular squad.

According to these postings, the team will consist of:

  • Deadshot
  • Captain Boomerang
  • Vixen
  • Blockbuster
  • Mindboggler
  • Multiplex
  • Jaculi

Deadshot, Boomerang and Vixen are rumored to be the c0-leads for the film with the rest (in my opinion) being the ones most likely to die during their mission (assuming the script stays true to the source material).

I have to say I am not exactly overwhelmed with this list.  Deadshot is the only one I’m 100% on, with Boomerang right behind him (he’s been in enough of the comics to belong on the team but also could be replaced by better characters).  Vixen has always been associated with the Justice League in the multitude of books I’ve read so I have to rule her out as appropriate.  Multiplex I have no real complaint about but as my first exposure to him was on the 2nd episode of The Flash and Blockbuster feels more or less like a villainous parallel to The Hulk and seems more like he’s being placed on the team in lieu of King Shark (maybe WB feels that a giant shark man is too difficult to believe in?).  As for the rest of them, I know nothing of Mindboggler or Jaculi and while that makes them perfect cannon fodder I still feel like other characters would make better choices.

That said now I come to the fun part of creating my own dream squad and a few options for casting choices as well.

My team and the actors portraying them would be:

  • Deadshot- I looked at a lot of different actors to play the master assassin with a death wish and the two I liked most were Karl Urban and Norman Reedus.  Both are veterans of comic book adaptations and both work strongly in action heavy roles.  I also think both men could pull off Lawton’s look.
  • Harley Quinn- Ms. Quinzel has long been a favorite character of mine and to this point has not been given the opportunity to shine in movies outside of some excellent animated works.  For a live action film the role needs to go to someone with excellent comedic timing as well as a certain look.  To that end I think Alison Brie would make an excellent Harley, especially if this look is the one they go with.
  • Poison Ivy- Another one of my favorite DC villains and infrequent member of Task Force X.  I’ve thought long about this as well and feel that the right actress is needed to erase the memory of Uma Thurman’s turn as Ivy.  Who better to play Gotham’s red headed siren than Christina Hendricks?  In my opinion, no one.
  • Deathstroke-  Let’s be honest, Manu Bennett has owned this role on Arrow but I’m looking for fresh faces here.  If I am going purely on the appearance of the actor, Stephen Lang, Ron Pearlman or a beefed up Jeff Bridges would work.  I also happen to think that Robert Patrick would work fine with his hair grayed out.
  • Multiplex- Like I said earlier, I know nothing of this character and really am only leaving him on the list so that the squad can have that one member who dies on the mission.  As far as who can play him? A relative unknown would work just fine in this “red shirt” role.
  • Captain Boomerang- Remember what I said about Manu?  Well for the sake of brevity I’m going to back off of that stance and say Nick Tarabay (portraying the character on Arrow this season) will suffice.
  • Killer Frost- There have been multiple versions of the character but Louise Lincoln is the Frost that has frequently been a member of the Squad.  After looking through a number of actresses on IMDB I think Gemma Arterton or Alexandra Daddario have the right looks for the character (the latter even having the perfect icy blue eyes for the role).

I know my list won’t be what I get when/if this film comes out but it certainly was fun to sit here and brainstorm about who I’d like to see.

Maybe I’ll continue this exercise with other characters:  Kat Dennings as Zatanna, Jensen Ackles as a live action Jason Todd and so on.


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2 Responses to Suicide Squad Film Rumors

  1. S.Y. says:

    So as you may well know we’ve been given an “official” cast by now and frankly I am still largely on the fence….I see lots of potential with some of their choices and am still shaking my head at others. Guess much like with “Batfleck” we will have to wait and see.


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