Love Thy Nerdy Nature (The Original Introduction Post)

Author’s Note:  This was originally written back in mid-September to be used as a sort of introduction but when I reread it this morning I decided to post it as the last of the pre-written stuff.

Okay I admit it.

I am over 30 and I even though I almost hate the word because of the way it is thrown around of late, I am undeniably an enormous nerd.

Yeah I am guilty of getting a little blue sometimes when I think about how I don’t have the latest consoles and therefore can’t play the newest and best looking stuff with or without my friends.

I read. I read a ton. I read on my lunch breaks. I read in public while waiting on the bus or when having a meal alone.

I may or may not have an addiction to collecting TPB versions of comic books as well.

I will debate, pontificate and articulate my love of topics that are both trivial and inconsequential with a passion usually reserved for politics and religion.

You bet I enjoy it whenever Batman lays Superman low with kryptonite loaded suckerpunch!

Know what else?

I’m proud of all that.

For years I buried who I was. I allowed others to dictate my passions and interests.
But at some point enough was enough. For years I wasn’t happy. I tried to be what others in my life wanted me to be. In relationships I hid the fact that I was itching to swing into that comic book store and carry out an armload of X-men and Batman books and merch.

During the gaps in uninteresting, meaningless gossip about which slutty coworkers were sleeping together I wanted nothing more than to have a book in my hand. When office chatter mined what little depth could be found in discussion of reality tv I was dying to discuss the greatness of Joss Whedon and how I hoped Nathan Fillion would find steady work because Firefly was f’ing awesome.

What’s my point you ask?

I know it’s trite but be yourself damn it. Life is entirely too damn short to not embrace who you are and run with it.

Go see that movie by yourself, it doesn’t matter if you’re a single guy and it’s a romantic comedy. If it looks good to you go see it.

Wear that Deadpool t-shirt to that restaurant you love and fuck it read Dead Presidents while you wait on your meal.

Crank that Weird Al as you cruise through town and belt out those genius lyrics.

And above all else love that nerdy soul of yours. Don’t let anyone try and take away who you are or the things you love. Anyone who can’t accept that isn’t worth a moment of your time.

Trust me, new found but hopefully faithful reader, there is nothing better in life than sharing a meal while debating your top five favorite Batman villains before going to bed and making toe-curling, lip-biting, eyes-rolling-up-in-your-skull love with someone who not only allows for your nerdy obsessions or tolerates them but embraces and shares them with you.

That my friends is true f’ing love.

That my friends is what life is truly all about.

Now if you’ll excuse me I have a stack of Justice League and Deadpool comics to starting reading.


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