Great Time to Be a Comic Book Fan (At Least if the Adaptations are Well Done)

Originally written September 24th

Can you think of a better time to be a comic book nerd than right now?

Sure in the last ten or so years we’ve seen a quantum surge in comic book movies, both in quantity and largely in quality as well.

But this fall we’re looking at numerous television shows aimed right at our nerdy faces and I’m not talking about yet another season of Big Bang Theory either.

Two nights ago (as of the time I’m writing this) saw the debut of Gotham on Fox.

I’m sure if you’re reading this there is a 99% probability that you caught it and if you are at all like me you loved every moment of it. Hell I loved it so damn much that when my girlfriend and I got home from the laundromat the next day we watched it again online.
Author’s Note: I missed episode 3 last night but I loved the 2nd episode even more than the first and hope they continue down the “criminal of the week” format so common to cop shows, I think it will work wonders in Gotham.

Season 3 of Arrow debuts soon as well as the first season of The Flash, both on The CW. Arrow was amazing in its first season (still waiting for Netflix to release season 2, since as of this writing they are more than a week late on that) and even though I’m not a huge fan of the character I am anxiously anticipating The Flash. Another Author’s Note: The Flash debuts tonight and I’m looking forward to the double feature of last night’s Gotham and this.

Oh and the Constantine trailer makes that show look like must watch stuff.  I for one cannot wait for the 24th to get here.

Of course there are the movies, namely the MCU which with the exception of the Iron Man films just keeps getting better. And it was recently announced that a Justice League mini-series would be released on Machinima, headed by Bruce Timm the genius behind the Batman Animated Series that defined my childhood.

Forgive me for keeping it short, its nearly a quarter till 4 in the morning on an off night for me but despite the early morning grogginess I am boiling over with excitement just thinking about all the nerdy goodness coming our way.

Yeah, it’s a damn fine time to be a fan of such things.


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