PolyNerdic Play Test: Tesla vs Lovecraft

All year long I’ve been waiting for there to be an indie game that captured my attention like so many of them did in 2017.

Well friends that indie game has finally arrived in the form of Tesla vs Lovecraft.

This is a twin stick shooter wherein you play as Tesla fighting against the eldritch horrors of H.P. Lovecraft.  The author is mad at you for experimenting with powers “beyond your understanding” and sends hordes of evil monsters to stop you.

I apologize for the audio balancing.  I turned the settings down before recording and they were appropriate in my headphones but were at their default settings in the recording.

This game is a blast though.

-Shad (@PolyNerdic)

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A Very Non-Special St. Patrick’s Day Episode: The OrNERDnary Podcast #41

It’s Saint Patrick’s Day!!!

The day when many American’s celebrate their “Irishness” by drinking loads of crappy beer with green food coloring in it until they are falling down drunk.

While you’re out enjoying the holiday why don’t you give this episode a listen as I discuss:
-Early reviews of the new Tomb Raider movie
-Shadow of the Tomb Raider officially announced
-The potential monstrosity being created by the makers of Inside and sex dolls
-The Witcher in Soul Caliber
-The Infinity War trailer
-Yakuza 6 reviews
-My love and live streaming of Yakuza Kiwami (youtu.be/q7J2u8UysEY)
-Ready Player One at SXSW
-My intense love of Dragon Ball Z Kai
-And more

So get drunk on cheap dyed beer and enjoy my ramblings for a little while.


-Shad (@PolyNerdic)

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PolyNerdic Plays: Yakuza Kiwami

Earlier this year I dove deep into Yakuza 0, the recently released prequel to the Yakuza franchise.

Zero was my first game in the series and I hardly knew what to expect but I absolutely fell in love with the game’s absurd style that mixes gritty crime noir with martial arts action with sprinkles of silly humor.

Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at 10.11.16 AM.png

And Kiwami has lost none of the absurdity.

I streamed small chunks of Zero as I didn’t know what I was getting into but with Kiwami , a remake of the original Yakuza game (PS2), I am not making that mistake.

I’m largely streaming it in 2 hour chunks, giving plenty of time to side-quests and mini games while attacking the main story.  I feel this is the best way to present this game as there is always a lot of game available and I want to share the whole experience as I go through it.

Some episodes will include 90 minutes of running around doing random encounters and sub stories with brief attacks at the main story, while others may end up being mostly main story and no side stuff.

So make sure to book mark this playlist as it will continue to grow over the coming weeks.  I’m seriously hooked on this series and am looking forward to Yakuza 6 in late April.

-Shad (@PolyNerdic)

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Lebowski Turns 20 and We’re Still Having Arguments from ’98: The OrNERDnary Podcast #40

There is a ton to unpack in this week’s episode as I start off by discussing my love of Yakuza Kiwami and then move into a near 30 minute discussion about the ridiculous meeting at the White House with the president, politicians, representatives of the video game industry and folks like the PTC. This rant also includes a lengthy bit about personal and parental responsibilities.

Also included is:
-Nintendo Direct news
-Photos of Shazam surface
-Changes coming to PUBG
-The Joker origin film rumors
-New Call of Duty release date
-Changes from the comics origin for Thanos in the MCU
-and more

Listen, enjoy, subscribe and share…in any order you wish.

-Shad (@PolyNerdic)

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Making Up for Lost Time: The OrNERDnary Podcast #39

Last week I was unable to put together a full and proper episode but didn’t have any such problems this week.

This episode you’ll hear me wax poetic, pontificate and/or ponder:
-My experiences with Monster Hunter: World, Shadow of the Colossus and my return to Pyre
-My thoughts (spoiler free) about Black Panther
-The Yakuza 6 demo debacle
-Avengers: Infinity War getting an earlier release date
-Ubisoft covering statue’s naughty bits with seashells
-Finishing Dragon Ball Z Kai Season 1
-Cash grab bull-crap in Metal Gear Survive
-Joss Whedon leaving Batgirl

And more

Enjoy.  Subscribe. Share.

Also I may or may not have been very tired when I recorded this so I apologize for the way I may have lost the ability to form coherent sentences during the final moments.

-Shad (@PolyNerdic)

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Two Wildly Different Games in the “Go Kill Giant-Ass Monsters” Genre: A Pair of Play Tests

Normally when I hit my local fire engine colored rental kiosk and see a game I’m interested in I walk away with only one game.

This weekend I spotted something I was interested in checking out but was ultimately wary that it wouldn’t be something I would be throughly entertained by so I did what any responsible person would do and rented a second game.

Both games share the common thread of being about killing big ass monsters.

The similarities end there though as the two games ultimately couldn’t be more dissimilar.

One game is a remake of a classic PS2 game, prettied up with modern visuals and improved controls.

The other is a largely niche game in a series that has a rabid following and has largely been relegated to handheld releases for the majority of its lifetime.

The first is one of my all time favorite games, we’re talking somewhere in my top 15 to top 5 of my lifetime.

The second is a game that I’ve always been curious about and am honestly really bad at as I’ve yet to master the complexities (and clunkiness) of the game.

I’ve played a fair bit of both of them, finishing one and feeling utterly lost and beaten by the other yet absolutely hooked and wanting to play more.

The first is Shadow of the Colossus.

The second is Monster Hunter World.

-Shad (@PolyNerdic)

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One of Those “I Was Rushed for Time” Episodes: The OrNERDnary Podcast #38

This week I had a lot of stuff going on which unfortunately prevented me from properly putting together the show in my usual format.

I couldn’t go a week without producing something so I struck a bit of a compromise with myself.

This week I briefly discuss my thoughts on the novel Hex by Thomas Olde Heuvelt, the live action Blade of the Immortal film and Assassin’s Creed Origins.

Be warned there are some spoilers in the discussion, especially when it comes to Assassin’s Creed.

This episode is only slightly more than 30 minutes long instead of the full hour I usually put out since I didn’t get to put together the usual collection of news and nerdy happenings.

-Shad (@PolyNerdic)

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