The OrNERDnary Podcast: Enough is Enough

Enough with the hostility.

Enough with the tribalism.

Enough with the us vs them.

Enough with the fan-boy behavior.

Enough with saying nothing worthwhile.

Enough with the hate.

Enough with viewing others as the enemy.

Not being a shitty person should not be considered too high a standard of behavior.

Also in this episode:
-Video Game Awards 2017 happened, which game was GOTY?
-Alice Eve joins Iron Fist season 2.
-EA adds content to Battlefront 2 and makes some changes.
-Activision locks Destiny 2 content behind a paywall, again.
-Quinten Tarantino wants to make an R rated Star Trek.
-Ubisoft announces delays.
-Affleck only has one more go as Batman left?
-Mega Man 11 on its way.
-Disney set to acquire Fox properties?
-And more.

Thanks for listening.

-Shad (@PolyNerdic)

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The OrNERDnary Podcast #26: Pink Vader and Purple Bruce Willis

After finally getting a chance to see the new Justice League movie I just had to talk about on this week’s episode. The movie wasn’t a masterpiece but don’t believe the voices out there calling it the worst thing ever.

How was Jason Momoa as Aquaman?

Did Ezra Miller do The Flash justice?

How well did they reconcile the death of Superman in BvS with his resurrection?

This week I also talk about:
-The amazing trailer for Avengers: Infinity War
-EA continuing to give bad excuses for the recent loot box fiasco
-Thor making bank worldwide
-Edith Finch getting a physical release
-Hellboy lands a 2019 release date
-Recent and upcoming collaborations with
-What I’ve been playing and reading.
-The importance of going to and contacting your representatives about keeping Net Neutrality a thing.

-Shad (@PolyNerdic)

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Have you Heard of this Charming Little Indie Film Called Avengers: Infinity War?

This morning I got off work and was sitting at my desk mindlessly consuming content while I ate the reheated leftovers in burrito form I had thrown together for breakfast/dinner when my social media feeds exploded with rapid-fire posts about the new Infinity War trailer dropping.

I took one look at the deluge of superhero action and immediately walked away from the computer so I could be fully rested before I tried to comprehend the potential awesome of the trailer.

This afternoon I woke up and met up with Brian of Movieverse so we could record an honest, first reaction to and discussion of the trailer.

Enjoy….and then like, follow and subscribe to Brian’s channel.

-Shad (@PolyNerdic)


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The Battle for Net Neutrality Looms: The OrNERDnary Podcast #25

Due to the Thanksgiving Holiday I didn’t get to put together the usual sort of nerd culture rundown for the previous week in time for this week’s recording.

I did however have time to draw my own personal line in the sand and rant extensively about Net Neutrality and the importance of a free and open internet.

I also recapped the previous week’s news regarding Star Wars: Battlefront 2 and discussed some of my thoughts having played and reviewed the game here.

FCC/Net Neutrality Articles:…171122-story.html….9f8f3134b7a1…ifling-the-internet

-Shad (@PolyNerdic)

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PolyNerdic Review: Star Wars: Battlefront 2

Over the last week or so there has been much said about Star Wars: Battlefront 2’s broken progression system built around loot crates, “star cards” and pay-to-win mechanics.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you know doubt have seen at least an article or two about this debacle and the backlash against EA for their questionable design choices.

You may have even seen that on Friday, the day the game launched for those who refused to be duped into buying the $80 version of the game, EA backed off and removed the pay-to-win micro-transactions (temporarily) and gave the most corporate and soulless of apologizes stating that “this was never our intention” (author’s note: I call bullshit).

Given that they pulled the pay-to-win stuff out (but left all the loot boxes and such in) I felt compelled to pick the game up when I saw it in my local rental kiosk and give it a look.

And well, have you ever spent a weekend doing something and as Sunday night comes to a close you look back on the weekend wishing you had done something else?


At least the world design and presentation were beautiful.

Before I move on and answer that question I feel it is imperative that I state that in order to tell you what is wrong with this game, specifically in regards to the campaign, I absolutely have to discuss details of the story that might be considered spoilers.

So I say again spoilers ahead.



Hask, Iden and Dell the Three Imperial Musketeers

I’m going to come straight out and say it.

Battlefront 2’s campaign is equal parts disappointing and underwhelming.

Remember back in the Spring when word broke that the campaign would have you playing on the side of the Empire?

Remember when they said we’d experience the Star Wars universe from a new perspective?

Remember this trailer?

Doesn’t that trailer look badass?

I for one thought the idea of playing as Iden Versio, an Imperial Special Forces operative, on a quest for vengeance after the destruction of the 2nd Death Star and death of the Emperor was a novel idea and looked like it could have been great fun.

It would be unlike anything we’ve ever gotten to experience, especially since the trailer shows a game that bridges the gap between Episodes 6 and 7, cover the 30 years or so between the two films with Iden stating a mere 11 seconds into the trailer that she’d waited all that time for revenge.

As a lifelong gamer and fan of Star Wars I thought that sounded like a fantastic place to set the story of the game.

So explain this….


Yes that is in fact Iden Versio not waiting 30 years for vengeance and taking part in the construction of the First Order as the trailer implies but rather that is Ms. Versio in a Rebel Alliance helmet and do you want to guess what she’s flying?


Yep that’s her X-wing.

So remember when Mark Thompson, Game Director at Motive Studios said “We wanted to create a campaign that told a story we haven’t seen before in Star Wars.  It was important for us to tell a new authentic story, one that gives players a brand-new perspective.  By putting players in the boots of an elite member of the Imperial forces, we can show them what the battle was like from the other side.  It was the idea of the explosion [that] the Death Star is seen as a victory.  That’s how it’s framed: a celebration.  But we wanted to turn that victory into a loss from the Imperials perspective.  We wanted the event to strengthen Versio’s belief and make her want to avenge her emperor.”?

Do you remember it being said that this game would present the “other side” of the conflict?

Where the hell did that story go?  Because it’s absolutely not in this game for more than 3 missions.

The first couple of levels of the game have you firmly in the Imperial camp, mercilessly gunning down Rebel troops on foot and blasting X-wings apart in space and the game feels very much like what it was promised to be.

You even see iconic moments like from the original trilogy such as the destruction of the 2nd Death Star from Iden’s perspective on the surface of the forest moon of Endor and prior to that the classic moment of Vader’s super star destroyer the Executor crashing.  These moments seemingly start building towards the story hinted at in that trailer posted a few paragraphs back.  Iden is pissed and seems hellbent on taking the fight to the Rebels.


This might make a decent desktop though…

And then a poorly rendered Luke Skywalker shows up, you guide him (yes very early on the promise of “new perspective” is tossed out and you are given control of Luke F’ing Skywalker) through combat with Stormtroopers and small dog-sized alien beetles, awkwardly swinging a light saber and using force powers (the Frostbite engine is fantastic for rendering environments and shooting, not so much for lightsaber combat) until he runs into one of Iden’s companions, Dell Meeko, and they work together for the remainder of the level, looking for ancient Jedi artifacts.


After this you control Iden again as she is sent to rescue an important Imperial politician during an attack on her home world Vardos.

Those dastardly Rebels killed her Emperor and now they are hellbent on destroying her home, why wouldn’t she be out for revenge after that?


But it’s not the Rebels attacking her home world is it?

No it’s Admiral Garrick Versio, Iden’s father, purging Vardos as “an example” of the Empire’s ruthlessness as the appropriate answer to the Empire’s defeat in the battle that destroyed the 2nd Death Star.

Make sense to you?  Because it sure as fuck doesn’t make sense to me.

I mean outside of being a contrived and forced plot point to push devoted Imperial special forces officer Iden Versio out of the Empire and into the arms of the Rebels.

And wouldn’t you know it that’s exactly what happens when Iden and Dell Meeko turn on Agent Hask and have to fight their way through their now former colleagues in order to escape the planet before the storms generated by the Imperial satellites destroy the planet.

From this point on the game loses all momentum and becomes a boring, by the numbers Star Wars story.  You meet Lando Calrissian (apparently voiced by Billy Dee Williams giving what feels like a very phoned in performance) and join the Rebels despite having gleefully murdered their friends and cohorts mere days before (a fact lampshaded by a poorly rendered Leia before she lets you join fully,).


Iden laughably calls her killing of Leia’s people “unacceptable” in a way you would describe accidentally ordering someone the wrong kind of coffee.

You play as Leia, you play as Han, you play as Iden, you play as Lando and wrap things up as Iden again.

All the talk of the “new perspective” of seeing things as an Imperial officer was either completely and utter marketing bullshit or was focus tested out of the game (given the stories and rumors that came from Visceral’s closing about executives wanting to shoehorn more “familiar” elements to that canceled game I wouldn’t be surprised if it happened here too).

Regardless of why it is this way, the cliche nature of the story and been there before gameplay make the campaign a waste of time and not a whole lot of fun.  Sadly the one promise the game made and kept is the one about bridging the gap between the original trilogy and the current one as the epilogue of the game closes the loop by setting up episode 7’s opening moments with a sequence starring everyone’s favorite emo-wannabe-Vader.


And best of all the game ends with what I call a Halo 2 ending, completely open-ended “non-ending ending” either baiting the hook for Battlefront 3 or story based DLC (because you know a game originally built around “recurrent spending hooks” such as a loot box based progression system and with pay-to-win mechanics wouldn’t be complete without locking the story’s ending behind more paid content).  You find out little factoids about Iden’s life since the final battle, you see someone she cares about get murdered by a villain with unfinished business and said villain even states he knows she’ll be coming for him now as he walks away.

Unsatisfying bullshit.

As for the multiplayer….I say again unsatisfying bullshit.


At least it’s also pretty to look at. 

Even without the pay-to-win stuff the progression system is all kinds of broken and/or designed like shit.

You fight in a variety of scenarios that usually boil down to some variant of attack this point or defend that thing.  The starting guns all feel very underpowered, especially in the face of opponents that have leveled up star cards granting them damage resistance, sped up health-regeneration or improved abilities (better grenades, special attacks, etc).  Star cards are found in crates or can be crafted but I often found that even with the resources needed to improve my cards I often couldn’t because I didn’t have a high enough “card level”, a level that is only raised by having more cards for the class in question…I think?

The systems are poorly designed and a pain the ass to utilize.

Also leveling up your personal level for the opportunity to essentially pull the arm of a slot machine (get a random box of stuff) is not what I consider a proper progression system.  Nor is locking newer and better weapons behind “milestones” that require you to succeed with arguably shitty default weapons (again while facing off against opponents with amped up, card driven abilities).

Simply put the Call of Duty progression system that has been around since at least MW4 is far superior and should have been used here.

Map design is largely fantastic and frankly I find it said that such inferior gameplay is occurring on such gorgeously rendered maps.

Heroes have always been a part of the Battlefront experience and they return here but as I said earlier the Frostbite engine works great for shooting and not so much for lightsabers.  Han, Boba, Leia, etc all work better in the game’s engine than the awkward saber fights brought by Luke, Maul, Kylo, Rey, Yoda and Vader.  While the heroes feel powerful against the regular troopers the latter group also frequently look goofy as they gracelessly flail about the battlefield with their laser-swords trying to hit their prey.


The dismayed, saddened and nonplussed faces shown here sum up the game nicely

As for bugs in the overall game I only experienced a few on the PS4 version.  I had to restart on mission when my droid froze after I killed the target I had sent it to shock.  This prevented me from using it to open a door, trapping me in an empty hallway with enemies staring at me through the door’s viewport.  The rest were comical graphical hiccups involving hilarious rag dolling of enemy soldiers.  Thankfully I did not have the experience others have, such as not being able to do damage outside of using a special attack or having my protagonist float into the ceiling of the environment but videos do exist.

Final Verdict: 3 out of 10.  Battlefront 2 is a beautiful looking game with fantastic sound design wrapped around gameplay systems that don’t work and a story that falls flat on its face by failing to deliver what was promised, instead offering a disjointed, rushed and unsatisfying story in its place.

Even without the hated pay-to-win mechanics, which I need to remind you EA has stated they will reimplement at a later date once they’ve “looked at it” some more, Battlefront 2 fails and fails hard.

If you can only buy one multiplayer FPS game this winter, buy Call of Duty: WW2.  If you can buy two multiplayer FPS games this winter…well hell buy two copies of Call of Duty: WW2.  I was not a huge fan of that game either but at least it had an enjoyable multiplayer that as of now did not have pay-to-win mechanics looming over it.

As I said near the beginning of this, I seriously wish I had spent my weekend playing almost anything other than this but I had to know for myself.

Let my folly guide you to better decisions.

Stay away from Battlefront 2.

Stay far, far away.

-Shad (@PolyNerdic)


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The Week that Was in Nerd Culture: The OrNERDnary Podcast #24

No major topic this week folks so I ramble for about an hour about all the things I found interesting in the week that was in nerd culture.

Within you’ll hear discussions of the following:
-The Rock’s Rampage movie gets a trailer
-Justice League is out now
-Is Ben Affleck backing out of The Batman
-My review Call of Duty: World War 2 is up on
-Wonder Woman 2 gets a release date
-Horzion Zero Dawn’s DLC entitled The Frozen Wilds is very good
-Battlefront 2 sets the internet on fire and EA temporarily backs down

Listen, enjoy and join the conversation with the “Ask PolyNerdic” link right here (or at the top of the page).

-Shad (@PolyNerdic)
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Not to Pile on EA Today but Need for Speed: Payback has Issues

Again just like my previous post I haven’t played the new Need for Speed:Payback but I’m even more happy to have not had to experience the mess that the game reportedly is.

Since I can’t give you my own words I’ll first give you Angry Joe’s words (spoiler: the video displays a 2/10 score).

For a longer video with less shouting and a longer look at how bad the game is here is Giant Bomb’s Quick Look.

So there you have it, another EA game with cards and loot boxes and broken progression that feels more like a slot machine than a video game…oh and bad campaigns.

2017 started so strong with excellent games like Nier, Horizon Zero Dawn, Breath of the Wild, Resident Evil 7 and a shitload of indie titles that blow this Triple-A grade BS out of the water.

EA leading the charge to fully ruin video games by making them essentially interactive slot machines.

Hopefully nobody buys these atrociously designed games and this shit stops soon.

-Shad (@PolyNerdic)

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